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Product Overview

The ComLog series of Digital Voice Recorder is an all inclusive recording solution for any sized application. The ComLog system has evolved into a highly reliable and efficient recording solution for all 24/7, mission critical deployment. The ComLog chassis uses an open architecture hardware design to allow the system to keep pace with the fast moving technological advancements available today – and for years to come. The purpose designed software provides performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use to the users of the system.

All access for administration and playback is via a highly secure network connection with all data encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and packet sniffing. A single ComLog recorder can integrate recording of analog, digital or VoIP sources, from telephone, radio, P25, NEXEDGE or console systems. Storage options include single drive, RAID-1 or RAID-5, with capacities up to current industry limits.

ComLog IP350-G2 & IP700-G2

Multi-Channel Recorders

Recording is critical to your operations. We started with that idea, and have built a robust digital logging recorder to satisfy your requirements of today and tomorrow.

ComLog NP8C-G2

Multi-Channel Desktop Recorder

The NP8C unit is a physically scaled-down version of the highly successful ComLog IP multi-channel communication recorder series, sharing all of the advanced features and functionality.

ComLog NP16

Mobile Applications

Based on the core of the successful ComLog IP recorders, we have designed various specialized recorders for some of our clients.

Custom Projects

Project-Specific Solutions

The ComLog Negotiator is a portable, rugged briefcase recorder designed for immediate deployment in negotiation and tactical applications.

ComLog Archiver

Centralized Archiving & Data Management

The Central Archiver is an independent system designed to support archiving operations of the ComLog recorder series.