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It may seem like a common sense solution, but did you know that a technology which simply allows for the recording of emergency calls has been making large scale changes in the world of rescue operations?

What was once a simple service designed to help monitor customer service interactions has now developed into a potentially life saving technology. For years, we were all familiar with the friendly voice which preceded just about every phone call to a major company’s customer service line. ‘Please be aware that this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes…

But recently, a Canadian company called CVDS has been making significant progress in the fight to make this technology relevant to nearly every corner of industry, including emergency response. With satellite technology synced in, operators can now reference back to any call that has been placed. Not only can they refer back to information which has already been given in the event of a disconnection, but they are also able to track down and pinpoint the location of a call’s source, meaning that police, fire, and ambulance can all be routed to the proper scene even if the person who called in was disconnected or uncertain of their exact location.

Believe it or not, this technology can even be used to re-route traffic away from the scene of an incident, making emergency response times even faster still!

From it humble beginning as a method of ensuring that employees weren’t goofing off on company time, this technology has had an impressive growth trajectory. Who would have thought that within just a few short years that the recorded voice on the customer service line could evolve into a public safety recording system that is capable of re-routing an entire city’s worth of traffic in order to help save lives?

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At the risk of oversimplifying the very complex nature of business dealings, there is one simple truth that has always reigned supreme in every corner of every industry since the dawn of free trade…and that is; the more relevant information you have, the better your decisions will be. Whether you are making widgets for a market that is half a world away or you are mowing lawns down the street, the fact is that you are more likely to succeed when you are aware of everything that is going on around you. And it is with this simple notion in mind that communications recording has become one of the most essential components of operating a successful business in today’s digital age.

In nearly every corner of industry, managers have turned to the simplicity and transparency that is can be provided by recording business communications. From healthcare to emergency response, and from political dealings to electronics, more and more people are beginning to protect themselves and their business by tracking and monitoring their telephone communications. Today’s systems use digital technology to store and encrypt data more efficiently and more securely that ever before, meaning that your information is as safe as it can possibly be.

From legal protection to employee monitoring and training, a good manager can easily use this vital data to not only protect themselves from misunderstandings and malicious outside influences, but also to evaluate employee performance and to help incentivize proper communications with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Not only can discrepancies be dealt with quickly and easily, but managers can rest assured knowing that the temptation to use company time inefficiently has been all but eliminated.

Regardless of industry, simply being aware of what is happening at your place of work can easily be the difference between success and failure, and communications recording technology now allows anyone to access this vital information.


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