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Custom Projects

Specialized and Custom Recorders

Based on the core of the successful ComLog recorders, CVDS has designed various specialized recorders for some of our clients. When a “typical” recorder will not satisfy a specific requirement or application, our engineers can quickly adapt our technology to provide a customized solution. Whether the “challenge” is size, environment or specific usage, a ComLog recorder can be realized to meet your needs. Since we thrive on innovation and challenges, our staff would welcome a discussion to review your requirements. A few examples of ComLog recorders designed for specialized applications include the ComLog NP16 and the ComLog Negotiator:


ComLog Negotiator

The ComLog Negotiator is a portable, rugged briefcase recorder designed for immediate deployment in negotiation and tactical applications. With an interface to a cellular telephone and a microphone/headset for communicating, the team can be sure that all conversations are reliably logged. Using an auxiliary headphone, audio can be monitored live or immediately reviewed.

  • 1 to 4 analog channel recording
  • Same advanced features as other ComLog recorders
  • Instant playback of calls
  • Monitoring and Playback of audio using integrated touchscreen and headphones, or remotely using
    a wireless LAN (back at headquarters).
  • Auto archive calls upon “return-to-base” or headquarters.