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Recording is critical to your operations. We started with that idea, and have built a reliable digital logging recorder to satisfy your requirements of today and tomorrow

ComLog is a state of the art, digital voice recorder that prides itself on reliability and availability, quality, efficiency, and simplicity. The system uses current mass storage devices and techniques for large instant recall buffering and is compatible with various archiving methods for long term storage. The ComLog is a network based system that allows access from local and remote workstations over dedicated or existing LAN/WAN connections. The ComLog system includes many advanced features as a standard part of a solution.

  • Full time Audio/Event Recording
  • 8 to hundreds of record channels with up to 20-channel simultaneous playback
  • Large instant recall buffer (1TB or larger)
  • Archiving to: Hard Disks, RAID-5, Central Archiver, Network
  • Up to 10TB of fault-tolerant / hot-swap RAID-5 option available
  • Instant recall GUI at multiple workstations
  • Access via PC workstations using Windows
  • Quick searching by time/date/channel/CLID/DTMF/ANI/ALI/Unit ID/other metadata
  • Remote playback via Ethernet
  • Powerful Incident Recreation using Playlist feature for analysis and training material
  • Skip over silence
  • Variable speed playback with pitch correction
  • Channel Inactivity / Over Activity Alarm
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
  • Auto-email Status Notification

Public Safety

  • Police Departments
  • Fire and EMS Departments
  • 911 centers
  • Municipalities


  • Electric Companies
  • Gas Companies
  • Oil Companies

Call Centers

  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Telemarketing

Air Traffic Control

  • Control Towers

Maritime Traffic Control

  • Coast Guard

Railway Traffic Control

  • Train
  • Subway

The ComLog Recorder is available in 2 configurations:

ComLog IP350-G2

  • 2U chassis
  • Up to 96 channels
  • Default RAID-1 2TB (hot-swap) hard drive array
  • Default hot-swap power supplies

ComLog IP700-G2

  • 4U chassis
  • Up to 192 channels
  • RAID-1 2TB (hot-swap) hard drive array
  • Hot-swap power supplies

The ComLog Recorder is available with interfaces for:


  • 2-wire
  • 4-wire
  • Telephone lines
  • Radio
  • Consoles
  • Contact closure

Digital systems from major switching manufacturers

  • ISDN
  • PRI/T1
  • Digital PBX
  • Many IP Phone Systems (Cisco, Avaya, Mitel etc.)
  • Many IP Consoles (Zetron, Avtec, Telex, Intrado, Pantel etc.)
  • NEXEDGE, P25 (Integrated AMBE+2™/IMBE™ DVSI vocoder)

Time Synchronization

  • Spectracom NetClock
  • RS-232 and GPS
  • NTP
  • IRIG-B
  • Fall-back to internal clock
Remote Alarm Panel and Dry Alarm Controls
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