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ComLog Central Archiver

Centralized Archiving & Data Management

The Central Archiver is an independent system designed to support archiving operations of the ComLog recorder series. This specialized system retrieves data from single or multiple ComLog server connected to a local or a wide area network and archives it on centralized fault tolerant data storage. This system is managed using the Archive Manager application. Archiving can be continuous or be scheduled as required

It provides a simple user friendly graphical interface from which the various parameters can be set.

The ComLog Central Archiver does not use Windows drive mapping nor network “shares” for the archiving task. Rather, a pure TCP/IP connection is established between the Central Archiver and each of the Recorders. The Archiver establishes (or automatically re-establishes) the connection, then “Pulls-IN” data (as opposed to the recorder(s) pushing out data to a mapped drive). This eliminates relying on Windows networking and adds additional security to the centralized archiving process.

  • Data storage configurable in RAID 1,5 or 10 with online standby drive
  • User configurable folder size (in bytes or in days of data)
  • Folder size 4.7GB pre-selected to facilitate data transfer on an inexpensive DVD RAM disc
  • System configuration done via the LAN/WAN using the Archive Manager software
  • Schedulable archiving periods
  • Playback of archived audio data done using ComLog Reproducer
  • 2U rackmount unit
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Backup critical audio data at a remote site for improved media security and storage
  • Backup audio data from multiple sites to a single centralized location
  • Eliminate the need to manually change removable archive media in the ComLog recorder
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