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When we think about the ability to record and play back audio, the average person might think that we reached our technological peak years ago. After all, we have had the ability to make basic recordings for more than a century already, so surely we have tapped out the potential of this type of technology by now…right? Well you might actually be surprised to learn just how much we have done in the very recent past to help maximize our benefit from sound recording.

Take voice logging, for instance. Not only are we now able to record and store massive amounts of information using encryption technology, but we are also able to use that information to help streamline business practices, making ourselves more efficient, more consistent, and at the end of the day…more profitable as well.

The premise is actually very simple. Incoming and outgoing voice communications are recorded and stored in an encrypted database. Managers can then go back to these communications at any point in the future and draw information from them. This can beneficial in the event of a customer service complaint, when a manager may wish to understand exactly what was said between the representative and the customer, or for training employees in proper phone etiquette. It has even been shown that simply knowing that calls may be recorded has a way of cutting back on employee downtime, and it even provides a measure of legal protection, depending on the industry.

For all of the reasons you can think – plus many more – it can be very beneficial for a manager to know exactly what is being said. Whether it is for legal protection or good old fashioned quality control, the more you know the better decisions you can make.

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