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We live in a time when the vast majority of the technology we take for granted would have been thought of as science fiction just a generation ago. From the GPS technology in our vehicles to the infinite realm of information available at our fingertips thanks to wireless technology that we carry around in our pockets, we have certainly come a long way since the days of the steam engine…which wasn’t really all that long ago.

But for all of the amazing things we are discovering, there is still a lot of value in the deepening and widening of what we might consider “old technology”. In fact, the application of modern abilities to older concepts may very well be one of the most innovative abilities we’ve developed in recent years.

Take voice logging, for instance. By applying our nearly infinite storage capacity for something as simple as voice recording to the concept of telephone messages, we are now able to monitor and record conversations that will help us make better decisions down the line. Whether it is an office manager checking in on employee performance or an emergency dispatch responder double-checking information from a disconnected call, we stand to gain quite a bit from the simple accessibility of information.

By taking a concept that is as old as the answering machine and applying our modern information storage capacity, we are now able to both find new life for old concepts and develop completely new ones altogether. We can now use this technology to maximize efficiency, save lives, or just keep ourselves better organized. There will always be room for bigger, faster, and stronger technologies in the world…but there is also a very useful space reserved for the exploration of older concepts as well.

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