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Many people do not realize it, but it is often the simplest of ideas that leads to the some of the greatest advances in the world. Take our emergency response system, for example. For a while now, we have had the ability to locate a cellular phone in use by means of satellite tracking, and we have also had the ability to record just about any conversation and store it again for later use.

But now there is a technology which is combining these two relatively straightforward processes, along with a few others, in order to make a functional difference in saving lives. By using modern technology to record and encrypt phone conversations with emergency response operators, service coordinators are now able to reference back to information exchanged. In the event of a phone being disconnected, this simple little tool can easily make the difference between life and death.

But the benefits do not stop there. Even in the event of a person being unable to respond, by simply taking a snapshot of the information as it comes in, an operator can pinpoint the location of the call, direct the nearest response team to the scene, and even re-route traffic away from the location to ease traffic concerns and help avoid further incidents.

Simply having access to information is often half of the battle when it comes to emergency response. By having an immediate reference to everything that has already been said, as well as the ability to zero in on the location of a call and them efficiently communicate with responders in the area, operators can literally save more lives in less time.

Public safety recording is little more than the culmination of several good ideas into one life-saving package, but given its proven record of success, it looks like an innovation that is certainly here to stay.

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