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In a world of flashy gadgets and miracle products that are guaranteed to increase efficiency, it seems that many managers are caught in a constant struggle to find that next great innovation that will keep them ahead of the curve for just one more year. From social media apps to free product give-aways, it seems like there is a gimmick to be had in nearly every corner of every industry around the world…but what ever happened to gold old fashioned quality control?

That’s where call recording comes in. It may seem like a novel concept these days, but simply understanding the manner in which your business is operating can be an incredible advantage in just about any market, which is why so many managers have been getting back to basics…but with a modern twist.

Voice recorders are simply that; a product designed to record voice communications and store them for future reference. And many managers are now using a modernized version of this technology to accomplish some very impressive things. By simply reviewing employee phone communications for instance, a manager can now establish protocol for customer service, personal phone use, and clearing up any discrepancies between what was actually said. From legal protection to making minor adjustments to the way customer service is handled, simply having the information at one’s disposal is an incredibly useful tool.

And for those concerned with security, modern systems now allow for all data to be full encrypted and stored without any significant increases to overhead whatsoever. Only those who are granted access are able to listen in on recorded conversations, meaning your privacy and the privacy of your customers and suppliers are all as safe as they can possibly be.

It may seem like an over-simplification, but the more information to which one has access, the better decisions he or she can make…and that makes sense for any business in just about any industry.

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