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When it comes right down to it, the simple truth is that the more information a manager has at his or her disposal, the better service they will be able to provide to their customer base. This is one of the single most important factors in the recent shift we have seen towards managing directors of public offices, such as utilities and services, using a digital call recorder to supplement their customer service.

The premise is actually quite simple. Each communication an employee has with a customer over company phone lines is recorded and digitally encrypted. It is then stored in a highly secure database and preserved in case it is needed as a reference in the future.

The benefits begin with the obvious; employees will waste less time when they know they are being monitored. Personal calls and other communications which are irrelevant to business operations drop very quickly once a digital voice recorder has been installed, improving efficiency and streamlining daily operations.

Second, there is the ability to quickly and definitively resolve differences between what a customer recalls about a conversation and what an employee recalls. This can be a factor of providing the utmost in customer service, which all managers value, but it can also provide a layer of legal protection. It today’s litigious social environment, simply having access to an unbiased recording of what was actually said can save thousands in legal fees, not to mention countless headaches along the way.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the more information a manager has at their fingertips, the better decisions they will be able to make. Simply providing managers with the tools they need to properly do their job can make all the difference in the world, and digital communication logs do exactly that.

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