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It has been said that knowledge is power. Well, if that is the case, then it stands to reason that gathering as much knowledge as possible would be in the best interest of just about any manager, in just about any industry. Perhaps that explains the growing popularity of communication logging technology, or the comlog recorder.

Simply put, this technology allows managers to save and store a digital record of any communications undertaken by his or her staff. The main application of this technology thus far has been the logging of voice conversations, which has led to significant upticks in production across the board. All communication occurring over the company’s phone lines are recorded and stored in an encrypted database which is accessible only to those in management positions.

Not only does this ability deter the obvious problems, such as rude customer service or misuse of company time for personal calls…but it also allows managers to go back and get to the bottom of genuine misunderstandings. Much of the time when a problem occurs, it has little to do with bad intentions, but instead can be traced back to a simple hiccup in the communication process.

Of course, this also provides a comforting layer of legal protection in the event of a discrepancy between a customer’s recounting of a conversation and the account provided by an employee. When it comes right down to it, listening in on the original conversation is often the only way to resolve an issue in which both parties genuinely believe they are correct.

From legal protection to quality control, the ability to log and access a business’s communications is an invaluable tool for just about any manager in just about any industry, and it is only a matter of time before systems such as this become the rule as opposed to the exception.

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