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There was a time not all that long ago when the answering machine represented the cutting edge in voice recording technology. Fast forward to today and the ways which we record ourselves seem to multiply with each passing day. From hand-held devices to security systems, it seems as if we are now being recorded at every turn. Now one company, Canada’s CVDS, is helping to weave these technologies into one integrated approach which is helping to save lives when and where it is needed most.

One of the most difficult parts of the job for emergency response teams in most towns is receiving accurate information as quickly as possible. Simply knowing exactly where to go and exactly what to expect once they arrive can make a significant impact on the chances of survival for everyone involved.

Modern 911 recording systems make an immediate and automatic recording of all conversations with emergency response operators, as you might expect. But some systems also do much, much more. The application of satellite and cellular technology allows for precise geographic pinpointing of emergency calls, re-routing of traffic flow to alleviate congestions around the scene, and even helps to determine which emergency response vehicles are able to respond quickest based on traffic patterns and proximity.

What started out as a convenience based novelty in the form of an answering machine has now developed into a highly complex system of emergency response strategies. Whether in response to a simple fender bender or a true emergency, this technology now allows us to respond accordingly and efficiently without worrying about whether or not we are maximizing our resources. And in situations which are quite literally life and death, it is good to know that we have technology we can rely on.

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