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It might seem like a simple idea… but more often than not, it is the simple ideas that turn out to be the most productive. Call loggers, or digital voice recorders designed for commercial use, have seen a significant increase in use over the course of the past decade as more and more managers seek to not only ensure that their employees’ time is being spent wisely, but also that they are protected legally in the event of a discrepancy over the information exchanged.

In the past, quality control was the main focus of call recording. This was mainly due to the fact that the information gathered was very costly and cumbersome to store and manage, and therefore spot checks were the only application that made sense from a financial perspective. But modern technology has now allowed us to store vast amounts of information relatively easily, which has led to a significant upturn in the use of this technology.

Now doctors’ offices, government officials, and anyone else who deals with sensitive information are clamouring to get on board with voice logging technology. For protection from litigation to the quick and calm resolution of disputes concerning who said what, simply being able to access the actual conversations which have occurred has become an invaluable tool to managers all across the world.

Of course, digital security has also been forced to evolve right alongside the recording technology. As more and more industries turn to this solution, the need to protect such vast quantities of information has taken top priority. In fact, many of today’s industry leaders, such as CVDS, now possess the kind of security technologies literally thought impossible just a few short years ago.

Whether for convenience or for protection, the ability to digitally log voice communications has proven to be an invaluable asset in today’s tech world. And based on current projections, it is a need which can only continue to grow as the years go on.

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