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In many industries, communications recording systems have been in place for quite some time. Although the service began primarily as a method of tracking and monitoring customer service calls, the simple convenience of having access to a company’s telecommunication records has proven to be quite valuable on a number of other fronts as well. From legal protection to employee performance evaluations, there is simply not a better way for mangers to keep their fingers on the pulse of the workplace…but all of that is for naught if the information being stored is not properly protected.

From the very beginning, the benefits of implementing a communications recording system were apparent to those managers whose responsibilities include monitoring employees’ telephone communications. Because calls can be listened in on live or recorded for later use, it is both quick and easy to locate the exact point at which a problem may have occurred, and thus fix it accordingly.

Whether it is because of employee negligence, customers trying to take advantage of the system, or a simple misunderstanding, the incidents in which there is a discrepancy in what was said have been on the rise as consumers demand more and more from the businesses which serve them. With the implementation of a call monitoring system, these events can be traced quickly and easily, making sure that a manager’s decisions are based on factual and relevant information only.

In many instances, the cases in question can range from a simple mistake being made by the company itself, or in some extreme cases, malicious intent by either the employee or the supplier/customer on the other end of the line. Regardless of what the source of the conflict may happen to be, the reality is that only factual information can help a manger get to the bottom of things.

Bu all of these benefits apply only in the event that the information being stored is done so in a secure manner. As with any and all digital information storage, security is critical. Companies such as Canada’s CVDS are leading the way in encryption technology, as they have become a true industry leader since helping to forge the communications recording industry over the past number of years. Trusted by both government and private businesses alike, they simply set the gold standard for information security. Regardless of what type of information is being stored, security and personal protection against fraud should be a main concern for managers, customers, and employees alike.

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