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From the very advent of telephone technology, people have strived for a way to preserve the information exchanged during these conversations, and today’s voice logging systems are the latest reincarnation of a technology which has been decades in the making. Starting with the standard customer service tracking systems nearly thirty years ago, companies have been very keen to monitor and record their telephone exchanges with clients, customers, and suppliers. Access to this relatively simple information can not only allow managers the ability to control the quality of customer service being provided by their employees, but also ensure that company time is not being used for personal purposes, and it also has the ability to protect against claims of misinformation.

For certain industries – such as medicine, government, and law – the very sensitive nature of the information being exchanged makes for the perfect environment in which to utilize voice logging technology. Because mistakes in these types of workplaces can easily lead to the loss of significant sums of money, or worse, negative health effects, the ability to ensure nearly perfect communications can be the difference between a successful office and one which does not last very long. In order to ensure that their employees are performing up to snuff, managers can simply inform their staff that communications will be randomly monitored. Even the off chance that a given call may be recorded has been shown to significantly raise employee awareness and performance.

Of course, there is also the chance that employees may not be maximizing their working time. In the event that staff have been using communication lines for personal purposes, voice logging systems have been shown to dramatically reduce the amount of company time being wasted. Simply put, people perform to standards better when they are aware that they may be monitored.

But for businesses which deal with sensitive information on a regular basis, the main benefit may very well be that definitive legal proof of all communications now exists. If there is any kind of discrepancy which leads to financial loss, or even injury, the cause can be found quickly and in an unbiased manner. And with today’s heavily encrypted communications technology, privacy has never been safer than it is in modern call logging systems.

From the very beginning, managers recognized the opportunity for improvement which existed within a company’s communications systems, and today’s logging technology has finally opened the door to all of that potential.

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