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Many of us are quite familiar with the predecessor to today’s modern call logger. For the better part of three decades now, we have been greeted with the same familiar warning that our communications with this company or that company’s customer service department might be monitored for the purpose of quality assurance. But what few people realize is how far this technology has come over the past few years, as computer technology continues to open doors to places we once thought were impossible to reach.

For starters, the simple capacity to store information has allowed many companies to switch from the occasional monitoring of calls to a complex and sophisticated system that allows all of a company’s communications to be digitally stored for future reference. Now, managers can go back as far as they’d like in search of information exchanged within specific calls. In the event of poor service claims, wrongful exchange of information, or even simply checking to see if an employee is maximizing their time spent on the clock, managers now have the entire truth from which to form their opinion.

Of course, with the increase in the amount of information call loggers can now store, there also comes the need for enhanced security. Particularly with information that is of a personal nature, such as that used by medical offices or even government offices, keeping prying eyes away is a top priority. Companies such as Canada’s CVDS, an international voice recording technology leader, are leading the way in matter of security by providing a continuously updated form of encryption that is impossible to crack. Particularly with personal information, there is no such thing as too safe.

The simple truth of the matter is that information is quickly becoming the new currency. By understanding the minute details of a company’s organization, it become possible to understand how to best maximize efficiency. Even the smallest number of pennies eventually add up to dollars, and dollars saved means a happier and more productive work environment for everyone from management to front-line employees. Of course, both that happiness and those savings can then be passed along to the end consumer, enhancing the purchase experience for everyone involved.

A call logger may seem like an incredibly simple piece of technology, but the truth is that the most basic gathering of information often leads to the single most important factor of good decision making; simply being informed.

Source: Pinterest @ businessihub.com

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