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Many different types of organizations use call centers, including telecommunications companies, banks, insurance groups, and telemarketers. The call center is an important tool that allows companies to provide their clients with valuable services and after market support. Therefore, it is important that the quality of service offered by these call centers is constantly monitored to ensure call agents are providing clients with a high level of quality customer service. Also, by monitoring and reviewing call center activities management can also make sure that effective sales and marketing programs are in place. The call recording systems offered by CVDS give companies a way to record and monitor these client-agent interactions, and implement any changes as required.

Sophisticated call recording systems can be used by call centers to record, organize and archive phone calls. Management can then extract specific recordings for analysis. Once identified, problematic calls or general issues can be identified and dealt with accordingly. For example, management may notice that agents are having difficulty diffusing escalated situations when faced with an aggressive customer. A recording of such a call can be used as part of a staff training exercise. By using these recorded calls to illustrate examples during a training session, employees can gain a much better idea of how to identify and diffuse such a situation. Call recording can also be used to call attention to outstanding service that was provided by a call center agent.

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While call recording has valuable implications in customer service, it can also be used to record and archive transactions. These recordings are especially important in regards to legal or contractual matters. For example a customer may dispute the contract terms that were agreed upon, and such recordings can be retrieved to verify the validity of such a claim.

While call recording technology plays a valuable part in employee training and record keeping, the underlying reason for having call recording systems in place is to make sure that customers are being served in an effective and timely manner. Customers that are subjected to poor service will become frustrated and unhappy, and more likely to switch to a competing product or service. By focusing on keeping customers happy companies will enjoy long-term and profitable relationships with their customers.

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