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At CVDS, we are constantly developing and updating our call and radio recording solutions in response to changes in the market. Technology is always moving forward and evolving, leading to changes in the ways the world communicates. This evolution therefore necessitates changes to voice recorders and dvlr systems requirements, to ensure compatibility. Thanks to the introduction of smartphones, people can place voice calls and video calls, and send text messages, emails, digital pictures, and videos, all from one device. Public safety organizations are recognizing this shift in technology, and the next gen 911 initiative was developed in response to these changes.

credit to justinstravels http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinstravels

Once in place, Next gen 911 standards would allow emergency calls to come in the form of text messages, along with traditional phone calls. It will also allow people to send videos and pictures to emergency call centers, giving responding personnel a lot more information to work with, and allowing them to piece together a better picture of the situation at hand. With this additional information available, first responders can better assess the criticalness of a situation, and make faster and better informed decisions. If effective, these changes will enhance the ability of law enforcement personnel and rescue workers to perform their duties, and hopefully result in more saved lives, and less risk to the officers themselves while performing their duties.

Of course, these organizations will then require appropriate recording solutions to manage and archive such varied communications. CVDS has long developed voice recorders and radio recording tools for public safety organizations, such as police and fire departments that rely on trunked radio to communicate. At CVDS we understand and appreciate the importance of having reliable and secure ip and trunked radio recording systems that meet the latest safety requirements and industry standards. CVDS is at the forefront of developing these Next Gen systems and once next gen 911 standards are established and ready to be implemented, CVDS will be prepared to help public safety organizations make sure they meet and surpass these new requirements, thus helping public servants better perform their duties and help keep our cities and citizens safer.

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