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Companies that use voice recorders and DVLR technology benefit from accurate call recording and archiving features, important in protecting a company’s liability when presented with a customer contestation. They also gain a powerful tool that when properly used, can result in better customer service. Following are three ways that management can improve the quality of customer service and increase customer retention with voice recorders and call recording technology.

1. As a training tool

Thanks to tagging and quick retrieval features offered by voice recorders, specific call recordings can be quickly and easily earmarked and then retrieved for training purposes. The best way to explain a concept is to use real life examples. Employees that are well trained and confident in their ability to handle any situation will perform better and more efficiently. For customers, this means less time spent on hold, and being transferred from one department to another. Customers can take comfort in knowing they are being handled by a true professional who can actually help them.

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2. To conduct better performance reviews

Effective performance appraisals offer both constructive criticisms and positive feedback, backed up with real-life examples. By re-playing customer-agent interactions, management can point out areas that need improvement and also highlight situations that were handled well. This way there is no confusion and employees can take the proper steps required to correct any negative behaviors and learn new techniques. Motivated employees will strive to perform better at their jobs, and customers can recognize when a person enjoys his or her job, making for more pleasant interactions.

3. To ensure better record-keeping and after market opportunities

Customers want to receive exactly what they ordered or agreed to. DVLR systems allow playback options allow customer service agents to review what was discussed and contact the customer if necessary, to clarify or correct any mistakes. Customer service agents can then follow up with a customer, to make sure they are satisfied with the company’s effort. Customers will appreciate this attention to detail and may be more inclined to purchase further products or services during a follow up call.

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