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Call recording technology is commonly used by call centers to record and archive customer transactions for liability purposes, and to ensure current marketing and sales tactics are effective and resulting in satisfied clients. Call recording also has valuable applications in both employee training and performance review.

It is up to management to ensure customer service agents are properly trained and prepared to handle all sorts of call situations. Many will agree that effective training incorporates real life examples and on the job training along with classroom and self-guided learning. Call recording technology is therefore an invaluable tool for managers and decision makers. By using dvlr technology such as our ComLog NP recorder, interactions between customer service agents and clients can be recorded and archived for easy future retrieval. Thanks to quick retrieving technology, tagged conversations can easily be accessed and analyzed in training session.

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It’s important that employees in training are exposed to examples of successful customer-client interactions and also to the less-successful calls that resulted in escalated situations. By doing so they can learn how to recognize and react in different types of situations, such as how to diffuse angry calls or appease a dissatisfied customer. Most importantly, they will gain a better understanding of what is expected of them as customer service agents. When employees are properly trained they are less likely to make errors and will be more productive, saving your company valuable time and money.

Effective performance appraisals should provide employees with constructive criticism and also highlight positive areas. At review time, call recordings can be filtered by employee and then used in conjunction with verbal assessments to clearly outline to each employee their achievements, while identifying specific areas that need improvement, or that may benefit from further training. Clear and fair assessments combined with motivating incentives will re-energize and inspire employees, resulting in more loyal and productive workers.

Efficient, productive employees are a valuable resource that gives a company a true competitive edge, particularly in the service industry. Quality service will be noticed and remembered by discerning customers who expect quality service and treatment from companies. Contact CVDS today to discuss how our dvlr systems can be used to improve your team’s performance.

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