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Being a salesperson is a demanding task, both arduous and taxing. However, for companies, sales are what drive revenue, and more importantly profit, which means it is of utmost importance. Perhaps the closest medium to the door-to-door salesperson is the telemarketer – a word that makes many people cringe. Fortunately for businesses, it works, but only if done properly. Digital call recording makes that happen.

Sales scripts are composed by copywriters. Copywriters are individuals who write sales material that increase conversion rates (the percentage of people who actually buy from your business opposed to those who are ‘just interested’). For telemarketing, conversions can be measured by how many people buy from your call center against how many people were called.

This is where digital call recording comes in. Using a digital call recorder allows the conversation to be monitored. Why is this important? Well, one of the best ways copywriters and marketers optimize their material to drive more sales is by testing – and you can’t test without data.

credit to irisheyes at http://www.flickr.com/photos/irisheyes

Let’s say you have a call script that is being used by all the employees in the call center. Conversion rates are okay but they could be better. There is no way to tell how the calls go unless you either listen in on every one, or you record it with a digital call recorder.

By collecting call recordings, businesses can analyze where the calls are most likely to drop off. This is attributed to the prospect losing interest. In order to rectify this, the copywriters can then go in and modify the script, knowing that people tend to lose interest at a specific point. This will enhance the sales message, keep prospects engaged, compel them to buy, and drive more sales.

Digital call recording has many benefits in terms of quality assurance and legal liabilities, but it can also provide important metrics for your business. With a digital call recorder, sales can be refined and strengthened, pulling in more customers and increasing profits for the company.

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