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Digital call logging can facilitate workflow by decreasing the load on administration through efficient storage of customer and operator data. Doing so not only streamlines the business model, but also reduces staff turnover and improves working environments.

When it comes to call centers, there is more to call logging than keeping a detailed record of customer interactions. Digital logging allows for companies to archive a high quantity of calls in order to recall them for evaluation. This can be easily done due to the digital advances that have given a massive boost to companies requiring a call recording solution.

Even still, not everyone can see the immediate versatility in using call logging to improve business. Here is a case study from 2003. The study focused on streamlining business, improving quality, and reducing costs for a company, all stemming from integrating digital logging.

DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company has a call center that receives approximately 450,000 calls every year. At the time, the operators were responsible for carrying out a number of administrative tasks along with handling the calls in order to meet project requirements.

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In 2003, Anita Yandell-Jones came on board and decided to conduct an audit to evaluate the call center. Results showed that staff morale was low with a high rate of sicknesses prevalent among operators. This equated to losses of up to 69,000 British pounds per year.

A call recording solution was needed. Agent, customer number, dispute type, (and more) were implemented into the digital logging of the call center, making it significantly easier to select specific calls. They also integrated the lessons learned from these calls into improving their employee training programs.

As a result, staff turnover rate decreased and sickness levels “miraculously” decreased by 300%. Factor in the increased capabilities of quality assurance and DAS found themselves in greener pastures on multiple fronts thanks to using a call recording solution.

In an industry where turnover rate can be quite high (and expensive) keeping employees happy is essential to success. Integrating digital call logging systems can improve businesses by optimizing work environments for staff, ensuring better quality assurance and happier clientele.

Reference: http://www.callcentrehelper.com/wiki/Call_Recording_Case_Studies.html

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