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Industries that use radios such as public safety organizations need powerful radio recording systems to ensure that all data is captured accurately and can be retrieved quickly. CVDS develops and manufactures the ComLog voice recorder that service many industries, including public safety groups. CVDS understands the need for recording systems to be reliable and accurate.  Other important features to consider when evaluating recording systems are instant replay options, clarity of the recording, and retrieval ability. As these recordings may eventually serve as evidence in legal court proceedings the accuracy and security of these recording is of utmost importance, so as to avoid any lost information or tampering of the record.

The ComLog recorder manufactured by CVDS offers the capability to authenticate or watermark call copies. Should a call copy ever be challenged in court, the ComLog Authenticator application can determine whether even one bit of a recording has been changed from when the original copy was created. When the call is passed through this authentication software, the call copy will either pass or fail.

For more information on the ComLog digital voice recorder and its radio recording capabilities, contact the team at CVDS. CVDS is ready and able to answer any of your questions about their products and services as well as discuss customizable solutions.

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