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When there’s an emergency taking place the natural reaction is to pick up a phone and call the police. Yet in today’s society where sophisticated cell phones and digital technology are the norm, these emergency calls may come in the form of live texting or a video phone call. Public safety organizations need to have systems in place to properly record and store these types of calls

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In an increasingly digital society, voice communication is no longer the only way to communicate; with the evolution of digital media, people now send text messages, digital images, and place video calls almost as often as they dial up a friend or business associate. The growing use of these technologies has major implications for public safety organizations, such as police and fire departments. No matter the media, a person should be able to place a call for help. When these calls, texts or videos asking for help do come through, police organizations must have the appropriate systems in place to record and manage these types of communications.

This update in technology is the goal of the next gen 911 program of which CVDS is a proud partner. CVDS’ recording technology is ready for the next gen 911 standards once they are actually established and will be used to record transmissions from these various sources.

CVDS is ready and able to answer any of your questions about their products and services as well as discuss customizable solutions.

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